Thanks for taking the time to follow our QR link. We are currently developing two feature film ideas which are detailed below. The Silence and  Maidensands are both aimed at the low budget feature market. Please have a read and if you want further information or would be interested in reading the scripts please get in touch by emailing . Thanks




A successful artist moves to the remote island of Maidensands, on the dark waters of a lough in rural Ulster. She finds more than inspiration as her art becomes a conduit for something primal and malevolent …something demanding to be worshipped



Nina is a highly successful but frustrated artist. Her minimal modernist style has made her the darling of the Dublin scene, but city life is suffocating. Devoid of new ideas, she is repeating herself in her art. So she and her husband, Liam, move to a new home on Maidensands island, at the heart of a dark Ulster lough. She hopes the tranquillity and isolation will give her new perspective and inspiration.

She immediately strikes up a friendship with a woman from the local village, Julia. However, their honeymoon period in the wild rural landscape is unsettled as, late one night, she discovers the local abattoir is illicitly dumping carcasses into the murky lough. Horrified, she anonymously sends photographs to the council. 

Nina starts to produce new art. No more urbane, conceptual cleverness –these are raw, visceral pieces, using the skeletons of animals and materials from the island. She repeats a new motif or symbol, like a pair of horns, or fallopian tubes. But she is buzzing with creativity. Liam is unsettled, but happy for her.

One of Julia’s friends, Moira was best friends with a girl who lived on Maidensands during her childhood. The girl was sent away after she blinded her brother. Moira visibly recoils when she sees Nina’s symbol – her friend used to draw something eerily similar. In the meantime, the abattoir has been closed down. It is a big local employer and a lot of the village are angry.

 Liam heads down to Dublin to deliver an old piece to Nina’s art to her agent. Nina takes a swim in the lough. From the water, she is terrified to see a shadow move through her studio back in the house. Something pulls her under the water. When she crawls to the bank, she has no idea how long she has been under. When Liam returns the next morning, she is unable to explain what happened, but her mind is whirling with ideas. She starts on a new piece of work. She also starts locking her studio.

 Julia won’t take her calls any more. Nina goes to see Moira to ask more about the girl who lived on Maidensands, but she finds her drowned in the bath after a fatal accident. 

 Things start to unravel. Animals are watching the house at night. Nina finds her underwear stuffed into holes in the ground. They learn the abattoir closed in the 1980’s, the summer Moira’s best friend attacked her brother. And a sandy-haired man is watching them from a boat on the water. 

 Nina’s art becomes all-consuming. She forgets to eat.  Determined to break her out of it, Liam takes her back to a friend’s exhibition in Dublin. But she finds the work bloodless and anodyne now, and rows with her former friends returning home.

 In the village, Liam sees the sandy-haired man. It’s Julia’s husband, Mark, the abattoir manager. He was on the lough because he wanted to approach Nina to give her a piece of his mind, but bottled out. Angry, Liam thumps him, spending the night in prison.

 That night, Nina surprises a group of backpackers who are camping on the island, thinking it unoccupied. Hysterical, she viciously attacks them, killing their dog. They flee.

 Liam returns home the next morning. He can’t find Nina, but smells something. Panicking, he breaks down the studio door. There is a monstrous statue inside. An unholy idol. Her new work. Made with bits of the island, dead animals, the backpackers’ dog. Nina is incensed– he is forbidden to see it. She attacks him and pours bleach into his eyes blinding him.  As she prays at the feet of the statue, something unseen drags Liam into the chilly waters of the lough.







On an abandoned outpost at the edge of known space, a crew of five will discover an alien object buried deep under the surface. No one will return home.



On a near abandoned base on the edge of explored space, a world-weary crew of five keep a huge interstellar communications Relay operational. Under the surface, drills extract ore to power the Relay. When one jams, NOVISI discovers a hand-sized sphere, lodged in the mechanism. YORKE runs tests on it, but cannot discover what it is made of, or what it does. Mankind couldn’t make something so precise. And although it is just an object, it sometimes feels like a… presence. Meanwhile, ALBA has lost probes out mapping space, and she and CALDER argue over sending more out.

 YORKE, fascinated by the sphere, becomes distant and obsessive until, in a fit of uncontrollable rage, she destroys her laboratory and collapses unconscious. SA’IM worries there might be contagion onboard – they are all worried not just for her safety but their own. Hours later ALBA discovers YORKE working out in the gym with no apparent side effects. She feels great, better than great actually, and slips away to find CALDER. She seduces him, driven by a compulsion she doesn’t understand, and he experiences the pull of the sphere for the first time. They decide to search the drill tunnels – maybe there are more spheres? NOVISI tries to stop them but CALDER pulls rank. In the darkness, CALDER accidently rips the oxygen feed to YORKE’S protective suit. As she chokes to death, he returns for the dropped sphere, rather than save her life. Her torn oxygen feed, forgotten, fills the tunnel with oxygen.

 The death of YORKE shakes the crew to the core. They are suspicious of CALDER. How hard did he try to save her?  During the funeral service they argue over what they should do. CALDER is convinced they have found the first evidence of alien life. ALBA is incredulous and wants it off the base. Fractions and tensions deepen. They find it difficult to sleep. CALDER locks himself away, struggling to control his growing rage. How dare his crew undermine him - he spies on them through surveillance cameras.

SA’IM, panicking, tries to send a distress signal but CALDER has blocked all outbound transmissions. But before it comes to a confrontation, the drill tunnel filling with air collapses and the base’s power supply is ruptured.  Systems are down, and oxygen is running out. They retrieve an old frozen power cell from the disused colonist’s quarters and huddle around it, trying to defrost it. With the sphere in close proximity, and the air thinning, they start to hallucinate. CALDER grows more incoherent - babbling about aliens. SA’IM is convinced Yorke’s body is his sick daughter. NOVISI replays the accident that caused her to flee from on her home planet. ALBA follows a huge serpent throughout the base. The cell defrosts and the air filtration restarts but the crew will never be the same. 

 SA’IM obsesses on connecting to the Relay, so he can check on his dying daughter. ALBA sees parallels between the sphere and the fruit of knowledge given to Adam by the serpent in Eden. She decides it is safest with her. She convinces the others to help her drug CALDER to get it. SA’IM who is going crazy with grief and guilt, frees CALDER. CALDER goes straight to ALBA for the sphere. Long-built tensions erupt and CALDER beats ALBA to death. Later, NOVISI, who has been trying to get full power up and running, finds the corpse. CALDER turns the Relay in the direction ALBA’s probes went missing, reasoning the aliens who created the sphere destroyed them.  The signal is disrupted. SA’IM is manic - he needs to know about his sick daughter not speak to aliens - and he beats CALDER to death with the sphere before turning on NOVISI.  He leaves her bloodied and kills himself. NOVISI lies, dying alone, on the far edge of space. Staring at the sphere.






Aaron and Paul have been writing together for over 10 years and are the creative minds behind horror shorts 'Exposure' & '6 Feet Under’ and the award winning Sci-Fi shorts “ The Way Back” and "ECHOES". They  also wrote and created RTE Storyland’s post-apocalyptic "Dinosaurs" in 2015. 


In the past two years they have been developing a number of feature scripts, including "THE SILENCE" and "Maidensands"


They have a unique voice with their storytelling, often tragic and dark with unforseen twists. Their narratives focus on deeper themes yet are wrapped within stylistic genre pieces. 






Louise Gallagher has a background in radio, television, development of online content, and worked for the BBC in a number of capacities over a twenty three year career. Since leaving the BBC in 2011 she has been working as a Production Manager, Line Producer and Producer on several award winning productions filmed in the North and South of Ireland, and is part of the producing team behind a major drama series called 'Ratlines' being developed by Rippleworld Productions in Dublin and KGB Screen Ltd (recently rebranded at Village Films Co) in Belfast, with the assistance of NI Screen and RTE. She was company director with KGB Screen Ltd for 5 years before joining Streetmonkey TV in December 2016 as their Production Manager. She is currently producing her first feature film "Bump Along The Way". 

John is the director of horror shorts 'Exposure' & '6 Feet Under' and the award winning Sci-Fi shorts 'The Way Back' and 'ECHOES'. John has been working as a director in the television industry for 18 years and directed the award winning Irish language drama 'Seacht' for BBC and TG4. He also wrote and directed 12 episodes of the factual drama series Marú for TG4. Most recently he directed and edited Celebs In Solitary for CH5/Stellify media and filmed, edited and directed the RTS nominated factual documentary series Ireland's Great War for BBC and RTE.















Here is our award winning short film from 2015 -  THE WAY BACK starring Daisy Haggard. Written by Paul Skillen and Aaron Gray, Produced by Marie McDonald and Directed by John Carlin.

Faye, a scientist blaming herself for the disappearance of her young sister 25 years before, builds a time machine to discover what happened. She is unready for the horrible truth. 







Here is our award winning short film from 2018 -  ECHOES starring Katie Goldfinch, Antony Achaempong and Nigel O'Neill. Written by Paul Skillen and Aaron Gray, Produced by Louise Gallagher and Directed by John Carlin.

On a distant planet two blue collar workers transport a prisoner across a mining colony, only to discover she is not the real danger on board.