6 Feet Under (2013)

In 2013 we made a short film for the 666 Shortcuts to Hell competition - run in conjunction with C4's Frightfest. There were Six rules to adhere to. No more than six cast and crew. Six hours shooting time. £666 top spend. No longer then three minutes. No more than six lines of dialogue. And finally, choose a title from the following; Sweet 6Teen, 6 Shooter, 6th Sense, 6 Seconds To Die, 6 Degrees Of (Limb) Separation or 6 Feet Under.

Our team of 6 were - Written by Paul Skillen and Aaron Gray, Produced by Marie McDonald, Filmed, Edited and Directed by John Carlin, Music James Everett, SFX Kevin Gillen. Acted by Paddy Jenkins. 

Our final entry to the competition was shortlisted for the final and even appeared on the DVD. 

check it out here........ 

666 Shortcuts To Hell

I have just completed work on a short film for the Shortcuts To Hell competition. Our entry fell under the "6 Feet Under" category. There were strict guidelines such as a maximum budget spend of £666, Max of 6 lines of dialogue, Max of 6 crew members and no longer than 3 mins in duration.

Starring Paddy Jenkins
Written by Aaron Gray and Paul Skillen
Produced by Marie McDonald
Music by James Everett
Sound Design by Kevin Gillen
Filmed, Edited and Directed by John Carlin



666 Shortcuts To Hell