Now that The Way Back is finished and currently being entered to festivals I thought it would be a good time to share a short film I directed 3 years ago. 

Exposure was produced by ANTIHERO PRODUCTIONS and written by The Way Back's Paul Skillen and Aaron Gray. 

It's a Faustian tale of a man who makes a deal with the devil without realizing the true cost of what he has agreed to. Some times too much focus can be dangerous


EXPOSURE from causeAscene films on Vimeo.


In June I directed a short film, Exposure, funded by Northern Ireland Screen. The short horror / thriller was produced by Darren Chesney - Anti Hero Films and written by Paul Skillen and Aaron Gray. We were lucky enough to secure two of Northern Ireland's top actors for the lead roles, Ian Beattie (Game Of Thrones, Alexander) and Lalor Roddy(Five Minutes Of Heaven, Hunger) who gave outstanding performances. Shot entirely on the RED EPIC by Darren Chesney the film is now in the Post production stage and we will have a teaser released in the coming weeks. A Facebook page is also being constructed for all the latest information. Watch this space for more updates.