Here is our award winning short film from 2015 -  THE WAY BACK starring Daisy Haggard. Written by Paul Skillen and Aaron Gray, Produced by Marie McDonald and Directed by John Carlin.

Faye, a scientist blaming herself for the disappearance of her young sister 25 years before, builds a time machine to discover what happened. She is unready for the horrible truth. 


THE WAY BACK from causeAscene films on Vimeo.


Now that The Way Back is finished and currently being entered to festivals I thought it would be a good time to share a short film I directed 3 years ago. 

Exposure was produced by ANTIHERO PRODUCTIONS and written by The Way Back's Paul Skillen and Aaron Gray. 

It's a Faustian tale of a man who makes a deal with the devil without realizing the true cost of what he has agreed to. Some times too much focus can be dangerous


EXPOSURE from causeAscene films on Vimeo.


It's been a busy few weeks - Having seen a few television programmes i worked on go to air, Ireland's Great War (BBC 1ni) and Digging For Britain (BBC FOUR) plus locking down locations for The Way Back short film. We have now had our second draft of the script and everything is coming together brilliantly. The past week has seen us viewing potential shooting locations in and around the Belfast area and we have found some gems. Casting is also well underway, although an audition day is now in the works to select a few of the smaller key roles. We have also selected May as our shooting date so it will be all hands to the wheel between now and then. The excitment is starting to build. 

Plus we have launched a facebook page to keep the updates coming



6 Feet Under (2013)

In 2013 we made a short film for the 666 Shortcuts to Hell competition - run in conjunction with C4's Frightfest. There were Six rules to adhere to. No more than six cast and crew. Six hours shooting time. £666 top spend. No longer then three minutes. No more than six lines of dialogue. And finally, choose a title from the following; Sweet 6Teen, 6 Shooter, 6th Sense, 6 Seconds To Die, 6 Degrees Of (Limb) Separation or 6 Feet Under.

Our team of 6 were - Written by Paul Skillen and Aaron Gray, Produced by Marie McDonald, Filmed, Edited and Directed by John Carlin, Music James Everett, SFX Kevin Gillen. Acted by Paddy Jenkins. 

Our final entry to the competition was shortlisted for the final and even appeared on the DVD. 

check it out here........ 

666 Shortcuts To Hell

I have just completed work on a short film for the Shortcuts To Hell competition. Our entry fell under the "6 Feet Under" category. There were strict guidelines such as a maximum budget spend of £666, Max of 6 lines of dialogue, Max of 6 crew members and no longer than 3 mins in duration.

Starring Paddy Jenkins
Written by Aaron Gray and Paul Skillen
Produced by Marie McDonald
Music by James Everett
Sound Design by Kevin Gillen
Filmed, Edited and Directed by John Carlin



666 Shortcuts To Hell


Just an update about "Exposure"

The edit is in full swing right now. A rough cut is complete and we are making a few small changes.  Andrew Harrison is currently working on the score and we have a few foley sounds to add. We're nearly there. 

I just received the production stills this morning - one example can be seen here with this update. Many thanks to for them.

Will hopefully have a teaser ready for christmas and then we'll be ready to unleash the real deal early in the new year.